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Italy/ 1: 800 000

ISBN: 3897077434
АВТОР: Berndtson

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...enominations from 1,000 to 500,000 lire. All the banknotes are UNC, in perfect condition, never circulated ... Hildebrand's Urlaubskarte. 1-70-1, Italien 1:800 000 ... ... . Issued by the Bank of Italy on December 2001. For real collectors. Scale 1:800,000 (E 007°--E 018°/N 49°--N 37°). Related name Geo Center (Firm) Uniform series Euro map (Reise- und Verkehrsverlag) Variant title Italy, South Germany, Switzerland, Tyrol Euro map 1:800 000 Italy, South Germany, Switzerland, Tyrol Notes Relief shown by shading and spot heights. Italy reported that more than 800 people had died in the past day, bringing the country's death toll to ... Italy 1 Euro 2002,2003 Unc 965.725.000 and 66.230.000 ... ... . Italy reported that more than 800 people had died in the past day, bringing the country's death toll to nearly 11,600. It added over 4,000 new infections, but also a record 1,590 cured. The ... През последната година повече от 1 800 000 от продадените в магазините на dm България над 30 милиона артикула са за грижа за косата. Категорията е в топ 3 по популярност у нас и в нея влизат над 1 000 сред повече от 14 000 продукта ... Залата за лека атлетика „Добротица" в Добрич ще бъде ремонтирана с финансови средства, отпуснати от Министерството на младежта и спорта. Ремонтът ще започне с подмяната на настилката, като идеята на общината е ... Italy's known coronavirus infections surpassed 1,000 on Saturday, skyrocketing from nearly zero in just over a week, the nation's emergency chief Angelo Borrelli said. Cocina, heladera, baño completo, termotanque, calefactor Tiro balanceado, 2 camas de 2 plazas y 1 cama de 1 plaza, muy cómoda. Super fiel. Motorhome de fabrica con 170.000 reales de fabrica. 2 baterías de 100 amo. Cargador inteligente, conversor de 12 a 220. Competisima. Recibo vehículo 190 new cases and 30 new deaths in Italy - Due to a revision by Trento Autonomous Region which reported 387 additional cases, 61 less deaths, and 447 additional recoveries that occurred in the past, with no further details being provided, we have adjusted Italy's time series in order to reconciliate the new cumulative totals reported today with the reported daily changes [] [] 1620 96 1.000.000 con caja termica 5.50 $ 350.000 equipo t king $ 350.000 To the rescue is South Africa, which is expected to deliver 800 000 N95 respiratory masks, a top Italian civil protection official told AFP on Tuesday. A batch of 400 000 arrived on Monday and Italy's worst affected region, Lombardy, was using up 200 000 masks a day, reported the Manila Bulletin. Total retail sales of organic food in Italy is estimated by the authors at Lit2 038 billion (little less than 1.1 million euros) in 2000. Italy mainly exports raw products (of which fruit and vegetables account for about 50 percent) and mainly imports processed organic foods....