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Physics of Solitary Quantum Systems

ISBN: 9549536157
АВТОР: Pavel Kamenov

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...ysics in the United States assesses opportunities in AMO science and technology over the coming decade ... The Solitary Wave Solution for Quantum Plasma Nonlinear ... ... . Key topics in this report include tools made of light; emerging phenomena from few- to many-body systems; the foundations of quantum information science and ... Quantum mechanics is a key known feature of physics, and also, it seems, a natural and inevitable feature of our models. In classical physics — or in a system like a cellular automaton — one basically has rules that specify a unique path of history for the evolution of a system. But our models are not set up to define any such unique path of history. Surprising nature of quantu ... Quantum physics provides a way to hide ignorance ... . But our models are not set up to define any such unique path of history. Surprising nature of quantum solitary waves revealed Share this story on Facebook ... Solitary waves - known as solitons - appear in many forms. Perhaps the most recognizable is the tsunami, which forms following a disruption on the ocean floor and can travel, unabated, at high speeds for hundreds of miles. ... but physics professor Erich ... Hot Topics . June 30, 2020 | Summer Intern Helps Develop New Model to Describe Defects and Errors in Quantum Computers; June 30, 2020 | New Research Reveals: How Water in the Deep Earth Triggers Earthquakes and Tsunamis; June 30, 2020 | Major New Paleoclimatology Study Shows Last 150 Years of Global Warming Has Undone 6,500 Years of Cooling; June 30, 2020 | A Cosmic Mystery: Disappearance of a ... A solitary wave is a localized "wave of translation" that arises from a balance between nonlinear and dispersive effects. In most types of solitary waves, the pulse width depends on the amplitude. A soliton is a solitary wave that behaves like a "particle", in that it satisfies the following conditions (Scott, 2005): . It must maintain its shape when it moves at constant speed. Figure 1 shows the quantum ion acoustic solitary wave profile for the weakly relativistic case n 0 ∼ 10 29 cm − 3 and the strongly relativistic case n 0 = 10 31 cm − 3. It is observed that in the scaled variables, the amplitude and width of the ion acoustic solitary wave are larger for the weakly relativistic case compared to the strongly ... Physics Seminar: Dynamics in Molecular Systems: Classical and Quantum Mechanically Venue: Room PS128, Physical Sciences Date: Tuesday 6 October 2005 Time: 13:00 Guest Speaker: Ulrich Kleinekathoefer, Technische Universität Chemnitz For further information, contact Dr R. Roemer in the Physics department. Computational Physics : Simulation of Classical and Quantum Systems, Hardcover by Scherer, Philipp O. J., ISBN 331900400X, ISBN-13 9783319004006, Brand New, Free shipping in the US This book presents basic and advanced computational physics. Professorship (W2) for theoretical Quantum Many-Body Physics: Condensed Matter and Quantum Optical Systems. The research area of the professorship should include the theoretical description of condensed matter and/or quantum optical systems. Solitary acoustic pulses in quantum semiconductor plasmas W. M. Moslem,1,2,a) I. Zeba,1,3,b) and P. K. Shukla1,4,c) 1International Centre for Advanced Studies in Physical Sciences & Institute for ......